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Lazy Sunday 45 Blue vinyl
  • Lazy Sunday 45 Blue vinyl
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300 copy limited edition 45 of the Small Faces cover. B/W "Sleepy Ted's Overture". An Instant collector's item. Players are Settly - Guitar and Vocals. Kyle Melancon - Drums and Vocals. Cleaver Shmit - Bass (Lazy Sunday) and Scott Crochet - Bass (Sleepy Ted's Overture)

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The three song EP featuring the songs 'Part Of A Moment", Crush Alert", and Anesthesia. Players are Settly everything except Drums by Jody Smith ("Part of a Moment". "Crush Alert") and Drums by Zack Leblanc on "Anesthesia". Guest Guitarist on "Part of a Moment" - John Valentine Carruthers.

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Multiple Places - The First Four
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In 1985. Multiple Places. One of New Orleans most unique Post Punk Psychedelic Rock Dance bands went into an uptown basement recording studio to record 4 songs to use as Demos. Those songs were passed around close friends, record companies, radio stations and DJ's but was never fully officially released. Now 25 years later and 23 years after the untimely death of lead singer Duncan McCord those songs are available to the public for the first time on iTunes. If you were one of the lucky ones to see the band live. These songs may bring you back to those crazy nights where you might see the audience painting Duncans body or Glittered Popeyes Biscuits being thrown around, cymbals and guitars being lit on fire, makeup, masks, hanging parachutes and other crazy shenanigans. If this is your first time hearing these songs hopefully you will get a glimpse of what lead singer/Keyboardist - Duncan McCord, Guitarist - Settly, Basses-Marc Boudousquie and Drummer - Rodney Rollings were all about.. Remixed and Remastered by yours truly from the original 8 Track tapes. Settly 2010  Click HERE