Settly is well know for being behind the scenes producing and recording other artist. But he is no stranger to writing, recording and playing music. In the late 80’s he played guitar and wrote songs for the eclectic New Orleans band – Multiple Places and in the 90’s he recorded a CD under the name ZOOM and released “Sleepy Ted Comes Back To This World”.
 Now he has his own self-titled CD. These are 13 well-crafted indie pop rockers. Most of the songs were recorded in between other recording projects and he mostly played all the instruments. Public Display, Sleepy Ted and Come back to this World Pt.1 were taken from his 1998 ZOOM CD ”Sleepy Ted Comes Back To This World”. Here though, Sleepy Ted has been rerecorded to a much more rocking result. One of my favorites on this is Spewing Diatribes. Settly comes out swinging lyrically and then resolves with the question “ why should you be listening to me/ I’m just another soul woven in this tapestry/ why should you be agreeing with me/ what I say doesn’t change your reality”. Clearly a stab at people who rant about the state of the world but then never really do anything about it. Hindsight is a great power pop gem. Riding on a Streetcar is a rockin’ picturesque ride to see a girl who “ does it for free” – including actual sounds of a New Orleans streetcar.

 Settly's produced and/or engineered the likes of Beastie Boys, Railroad Jerk, Subdudes, Becky Sharp, Peter Holsapple, Glen Tilbrook, just to name a few.